Wooden folding chair made of oak tree wood/ Lesen zložljiv stolček iz hrastovega lesa
Wooden domino with engraved spots/Lesene domine z vgraviranimi pikami
Wooden domino with engraved pictures of fruits/Lesene domine z vgraviranimi motivi sadja
Domino with fruits/Domine s sadjem
Wooden domino with engraved pictures of fruits in cardboard box/Lesene domine z vgraviranimi motivi sadja v kartonski škatli
Dominoes are diving in the water/Domine skačejo v vodo
Wooden domino with engraved pictures of fruits and english subtitles/Lesene domine z vgraviranimi motivi sadja in angleškimi napisi
Sheeps are having fun/Ovce se zabavajo
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Wood is a natural material. It has its own spirit, special aroma and immense warmth. It is Earth-friendly and useful in so many ways.

Dots are something new, abstract, something playful. Like children. And like many an adult. And it is not a coincidence that the very first toy we made were dominoes. With plenty of spots 🙂

We mixed something old, traditional and something new, fresh. We mixed wood and dots. And we got a perfect combination, created for all enthusiasts about wood and wooden products. We created wood&dots. And since then we are trying to offer the world something new.

wood&dots is a brand of high-quality wooden products. With many experiences in woodworking, plenty of effort and love, we strive to give soul to our products.

At wood&dots we try to be the best. And that’s why we can not be the cheapest. All products are designed and made in our workshop in Slovenia. And despite that we have the best technology and very good tools, much of the work is done by hand because wood needs a special touch.

Check out more: https://www.woodanddots.com/about-us/





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