Let me tell you a story:

“Many years ago, when people still used carriages, there was a carpenter working with a piece of wood. He knew that wood had its own power. When the tree was cut down, it did not die but lived on in its wood. However, the wood was stubborn and only a few knew how to form it and make it obedient. The carpenter was happy to be able to tame the wood. He had lots of knowledge, which he passed on to his son, who passed it to his son, and so forth. Today there is already the fourth generation of carpenters who know how to breathe soul into the wood.

One day, a son was born to this carpenter and he made him his first wooden toy. The wood was given a special task to play with the child and teach him something new. The wood did so and the carpenter saw this is good for a child. So he started to produce wooden toys, and wood&dots has been designed.

The quality is what makes us special. It is hard to find good toys nowadays. We want to offer the world something new: high-quality wooden toys with a story. Every toy can tell you a different one, only if you listen carefully enough.

Besides wooden toys, we also produce wooden gifts. Practical, lovely, useful. Everybody can find something for themselves and for their loved ones: for their birthdays, anniversaries or to show they care.

We mainly use Slovenian wood. We put lots of effort and love into the wood and that is how wood&dots products are made.

Janez Boštic, CEO

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